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At New Hope Baptist church, we seek to enable people to praise, honor, and enjoy God by committing to be members of His family, and by growing daily towards Christ-like maturity while serving all people as an expression of His love. The basic function of the church shall enable it to accomplish its purpose are: to worship, to evangelize, to disciple, to minister, and to fellowship.

What do we mean when we say New Hope is a “Reformed Baptist Church”?

We are an organized body of baptized believers in covenant relationship for gospel purposes, just like many other churches, but there are three areas that distinguish us as “Reformed Baptists.”

First, we believe in the five Solas of the Reformation. SCRIPTURE ALONE (Sola Scriptura), our only rule of faith and practice, teaches that salvation is by GRACE ALONE (Sola Gratia) through FAITH ALONE (Sola Fide) in CHRIST ALONE (Solus Christus) for the GLORY OF GOD ALONE (Soli Deo Gloria).

Second, we believe the Scriptures teach five reformed doctrines that describe how God save sinners. There are two major views on salvation (at New Hope, we teach free grace):

MAN is merely sin sick. MAN is dead in sin.
MAN moves God to choose him. GOD elected dead men.
MAN must pay, though Christ did. GOD the Son paid for the elect’s sins.
MAN can refuse the new birth. GOD irresistibly bestows grace.
MAN can sin away grace. GOD keeps his own.

Third, we observe five Reformed Baptist practices:

  1. EXPOSITORY PREACHING, or letting the Bible speak for itself without man’s interference.
  2. REGENERATIVE CHURCH MEMBERSHIP, in which all members have experienced the new birth.
  3. Two ordinances of Christ, BAPTISM and the LORD’S SUPPER (both by professing believers only).
  4. A loving and accountable COVENANT RELATIONSHIP between members of our church.
  5. An enthusiastic commitment to both domestic and international GOSPEL MISSIONS.

If you have more questions regarding Reformed Baptists or becoming a member of New Hope, please feel free to talk to one of our elders.

–Service Times–

  • Sunday School – Sunday 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM
    • Classes available for children and adults
  • Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Thursday Zoom Bible Study – 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Our Elders

Brandon Griffin
Brandon GriffinElder & Pastor
Brandon Griffin, Elder and Pastor of New Hope, grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. Brandon and his wife, Beth, married in 1994 while students at Southwestern and asked the Lord to send them to a place of ministry where they could grow a family as well as a ministry. In January 1997 Brandon accepted the call to pastor New Hope Baptist Church and they moved to Marianna with great hope for the future. They now have 4 children, Calvin, Rebekah, Carey and Kate, and a ministry that is grounded in the teachings of the reformed faith. While his first love is Christ, his wife, children, and the church follow closely after. Brandon’s great desire is to obey Paul’s admonishment in Colossians 1:28-29.

Other Elders

  • Sonny Fortunato
  • Rick Blanchette
  • Phillip Draayom


  • Rodney Smith
  • Ethan Draayom

Service Times

Sunday School

9:30 AM – 10:15 AM

Sunday Worship

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Thursday Zoom Bible Study

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

New Hope Baptist Church

4028 Lafayette St
Marianna, FL 32448

Phone: 850-482-6406

Web: New Hope Baptist Church

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